5 Great Viral Videos of Skateboarding Triumphs and Disasters

With tools like GoPro cameras, many people have captured incredible athletic feats. However, you can also capture incredible sports footage with something as simple as a smartphone camera. One of the sports that has gotten a lot of attention in the realm of viral videos is skateboarding. This is because skateboarding videos can leave us breathless in awe of some peoples’ talent, or just holding our breath at some of the heart-stopping fail videos available online. Jukin Media receives many video submissions featuring skateboarders. Below are a few of the best for you to check out:

1. Dog And Pet Parent Skateboard On Street Together

While it is perhaps not uncommon to see someone on a skateboard with a dog running behind, this video threw us for a bit of a loop. Instead of having the pup chase behind, the dog has its own skateboard to cruise along behind its owner.

2. Skateboarder Lifts Kid and Circles the Skate Park Narrowly Missing Colliding into Them

This video shows a simply ingenious move. As an older skateboarder gets dangerously close to colliding with a young kid at a skate park, he lifts the child up and then skates around while holding him until he can get safely out of the way of other skaters.

3. Little Boy Flies Off Skateboard While Trying to Jump

Little kids are simply fearless. In this video, a young child is attempting to learn how to jump on a skateboard. He ends up flying off the board and over the jump before getting up seemingly unscathed.

4. Skateboarder Switches Between Five Boards Between Tricks

The amount of planning and coordination in this video is simply astounding. A talented skateboarder pulls off a bunch of tricks and, to make matters even more difficult, continuously transfers to new skateboards as he goes.

5. Downhill Skateboarder Falls Under Guardrail

A great fail video, this piece features a daredevil skateboarder speeding down a steep hill. Unfortunately, he loses control and the skateboard goes flying out from under him. Luckily, he doesn’t land on the pavement, but instead the grass, although he does go rolling under the guardrail.

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