5 Jukin Media Car and Truck Videos

Most people spend a good chunk of their day in their car, so it’s not surprising that Jukin Media receives tons of video submissions each month featuring cars and trucks.

Below are some of the highlights from recent submissions — they run the gamut from hilarious to almost shocking.

1. Air Bags Pop Inside Car As Man Reverses It While Being Stuck To Pole

Who knows how this truck got itself stuck up on that pole. But once the driver solves that problem, they’ve got another — the airbag deploys with a big bang.

2. Cat Walking Over Car’s Hood Jumps In Shock On Hearing It Honk

Cats are known for their curiosity and this one is no different. This kitty sets off the car alarm and jumps to the beat of the honks.

3. Man Finds Wife Eating Candy in Car While He Does Household Chores

Sometimes you need a break from it all, so you hide out in your car. Just don’t get caught by your spouse!

4. Girl Rescues Stray Kitten Stuck Inside Car Engine

Cars make great hiding places for more than just humans. Watch this poor stray kitten get rescued from the inside of an auto engine. Don’t worry — he’s not fazed at all!

5. Van Driver Hits Motorcycle and Drags It Along on Highway

This video features a car accident, though no one is visibly hurt. You’d think you’d stop your car if you hit a motorcycle, but this driver keeps going. Definitely don’t try this!

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