5 Must-See Crash Videos Submitted by Creators to Jukin Media

There’s a reason why people often say, “It was a like a car crash — I couldn’t look away!” There’s just something that keeps your eyes glued to the scene, whether it’s fear, concern, or even the comedy of the situation, depending on the circumstances.

Below are some of the Jukin Media crash videos you’ve got to see. Of course, this type of content comes with a trigger warning, but we promise that none of these videos show anyone getting seriously hurt!

1. Man Flips off Jet Ski After Crashing into Barrier

Crashes can happen even out on the water. This man comes in too hot on a jet ski and makes a crash landing back on dry land.

2. Trailer Rolls Backwards in Parking Lot And Crashes Into Car

Someone really messed up here. A trailer rolls through a parking lot and unstoppably smashes into a couple of cars. We’re not sure what language the person who’s shooting the video is speaking, but you can definitely hear the alarm in his shouts!

3. Driver Crashes Into Car While Man Makes Illegal U-Turn on Highway

U-turns are only allowed at specific intersections for good reason. This video is the perfect example of why you need to follow traffic rules even when they’re inconvenient!

4. Silver BMW Skids Down Highway and Crashes into Barrier

Someone really lost control of their car here. Luckily, the driver is able to maneuver around the moving cars and crash into the barrier instead of another vehicle on the highway.

5. High five on scooter crash

Think twice before you goof around on a scooter. This unsuspecting driver loses control of the scooter after giving his friend a high five and ends up in a ditch.

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