5 of the Best Videos Recently Submitted to Jukin Media

Jukin Media accepts videos featuring everything from adorable moments with kids to silly shenanigans with pets. If you have a video you think could go viral, submit it to Jukin Media — you may be able to start making money off it.

As an example of the wide range of videos accepted by Jukin Media, check out five of the best submitted recently:

1. Woman Asks Her Donkey to Yell and the Animal Response Back

A donkey is a strange pet and most people wouldn’t expect them to be very interactive. However, this donkey is excited to hear its owner’s voice and eagerly calls back to her. You have to wonder what the neighbors think!

2. Cat Bangs Their Bowl On Floor As Owner Sits Down To Ear Food

Even cats get hangry — and this cat decided to do something about it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this “feed me now!” routine worked.

3. Dog Falls Out Of Driving Car While Leaning On Window As Their Owner Rushes To Save Them

This video definitely comes with a trigger warning for any dog owners. This poor little pup gives its owner a huge scare while driving. Luckily, everything seems to turn out ok in the end.

4. Parents Laugh As Little Girl Puts Temporary Tattoo On Her Brother’s Forehead

You really can’t blame this mischievous little girl — she just wanted to make her baby brother look cool! Mission accomplished.

5. Two Guys Jump in Alligator-Infested Pond

If you live in alligator country, you should probably check twice before you jump in any ponds. Here’s hoping everything turned out ok for the two swimmers in this video!

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