5 of the Most Incredible Videos Featuring Animals

Some of the web’s most memorable viral videos have featured animals, whether that means man’s best friend or more exotic wildlife. Something about nature just pulls us in and captures our interest.

Sometimes, our mouths drop in awe at the amazing feats animals can achieve. Other times, we smile and laugh about how human animals can sometimes appear.

Below are some of the most captivating videos recently added to the Jukin Media library featuring creatures less common than dogs and cats.

1. Guy Walks With Swarm of Bees Crowding His Arm

In this truly amazing and honestly somewhat terrifying video, a man casually walks down the street with an entire swarm of bees wrapped around his arm. At first glance, it looks like his arm is simply swollen, but you quickly see that the dark mass is moving and then individual bees start to fly away from the swarm briefly before returning. While it is unclear why the man has an entire swarm of bees, it is truly incredible how they have been convinced to stay with him without stinging him.

2. Guinea Hens Chase Away Delivery Man

Signs on someone’s property usually say Beware of Dog, not Beware of Guinea Hens. However, the person behind this video may want to purchase such a warning to display for future delivery drivers. The video starts with a deliveryman walking down a long driveway to leave a package at the front door. As soon as he sits the package down, a swarm of guinea hens runs out from an unlocked fence and he frantically starts to run to avoid the attack. Proud of their work, the hens stop at the dirt driveway and watch as the man continues to run back to the truck.

3. Baby Otter Climbs Aboard Kayak

Baby animals are almost always charming, and the otter in this video is no exception. The baby otter has absolutely no fear of humans and pulls itself up onto a kayak. The amused kayaker lets the otter have a moment in the sun as it stretches and rolls on its back, almost like a puppy playing. The video is incredibly heartwarming and a great reminder of how sweet wildlife can be.

4. Horse Grins And Farts After Playing In Water

Horses are domesticated, but not in the same way as dogs or cats. While riding on a horse, the woman in the video discovers the playful side of these gentle giants. The horse begins playing in a gentle stream of running water and you can tell from the grin on its face how much it is enjoying the time to relax. However, maybe the horse relaxes a bit too much. As the camera slowly pans back toward the horse’s tail, it passes gas loudly as the riders crack up at the sight — and sound!

5. Chicken Performs Impressive Tricks With Girl

We wouldn’t normally think of chickens as being great pets, but the young girl in this video obviously has a strong connection to the creature. While some dance music plays in the background, the girl starts dancing as the chicken moves between her legs. At first, it seems like a fun coincidence. However, the girl’s moves get more complex and the chicken keeps up, obviously enjoying the dance. The chicken even jumps onto her foot as she lays on her back, which underlines how rehearsed the routine is. At the end, the tables turn as the chicken jumps onto her back.

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