5 Videos That Will Make You Believe in the Basic Goodness of Humans

When you think of viral videos, the first to jump to mind may be funny videos. However, content can go viral not just for being funny, but for connecting us to basic human emotions. Viral videos can be adorable or even uplifting. The following are a handful of videos submitted to Jukin Media that demonstrate the basic goodness of humanity and are guaranteed to fill you with a feeling of joy.

  1. Delivery Man Shovels Snow From Customer’s Walkway

The job of a package courier is already hard enough. Despite that, the person in this video does much more than deliver packages. He picks up a shovel and removes snow from the customer’s walkway to make it safer for anyone who needs to leave the house.

2. Biker Puts Out Fire in Bush to Avoid Disaster

This video features a motorcyclist driving down a busy street when he notices that a bush on the median of the road is on fire. Instead of continuing on his way, he decides to pull over, pour some water on the flames, and then make sure it is well snuffed out by kicking dirt over the ashes, potentially avoiding disaster.

3. Man Visits His Prison Teacher Who Helped Him During Difficult Time After Getting Released

In this uplifting video, a man recently released from prison decides to pay a surprise visit to the woman who helped him get his GED while incarcerated. They are both on the verge of tears at the reunion.

4. Woman Rescues Family From House Fire By Waking Them Up While They Were Sleeping

Fires are dangerous, but they are even more so when you don’t know they are happening. The woman in this video frantically beats on her neighbors’ door after noticing their home was on fire and wakes them up to get them out within minutes of a roof collapse.

5. Housemates Surprise Guy With New Video Game Console After He Loses His Stuff

After a man’s laptop and Nintendo Switch are stolen, he is further swindled out of money when he buys a fake used gaming console to replace them. His roommates pitched in to buy him a new Switch, and his reaction to their generosity is priceless.

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