5 Videos That Will Remind You How Wonderful Kids Truly Are

Two of the most popular subjects of viral videos are animals and children. In a way, they have some similarities: innocence and naïveté. These pure souls remind us of the goodness that exists in the world, and they are virtually guaranteed to make us smile. Many of the videos that Jukin Media receives feature the shenanigans of kids, and it is only fair to pass along these videos to viewers who might enjoy them, too. The following are five of the best videos featuring kids that have been submitted to Jukin Media recently. You won’t be able to watch them without cracking a smile.

  1. Baby Bounces In His Sleep While Sitting On Bouncing Chair

This baby loves the bouncy chair so much not even sleep can interfere. The baby keeps nodding off but then starts bouncing again, walking the line between rest and excitement that many adults can relate to all too well.

2. Toddler Runs Face First Into Swing Chair And Falls to the Ground

Children are still trying to figure out the world and may not pay close enough attention to what’s happening around them. This toddler is in that exact place. As a swinging chair changes direction, the toddler does not and ends up getting knocked down. We hope he’s ok!

3. Kid Walks On Wrong Leg While Faking Leg Injury

Kids fake or play up injuries for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, they don’t always get it right. The kid in this video has a cast on his right leg. Using crutches to walk, he uses that foot to bear his weight and holds up his non-injured leg.

4. Daughter Sobs While Parent Pranks Her By Pretending Melted Chocolate on Her Hand is Poop

One of the joys of parenting is playing harmless tricks on our kids. In this video, the parents of a little girl microwave some chocolate and then trick her into thinking it is something quite different once she finishes using the bathroom. The poor little girl gets so upset that she ends up getting “chocolate” all over herself.

5. Mom Laughs After Toddler Daughter Tries To Breastfeed Baby Brother

If you ever doubted how much children learn from watching us, all you have to do is watch this video. A little girl tries to breastfeed her baby brother after being told that he is hungry. She doesn’t quite understand the problem!

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