6 Great Videos Demonstrating the Lighter Side of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an effect on just about everyone in the world in one way or another. Throughout the pandemic, viral videos have been a great way for people to connect and empathize with each other as everyone struggles in different ways.

Some of these videos have forced us to see issues from a different side while others provide a bit of comic relief in an otherwise very stressful time. Many of the videos that have been inspired by the pandemic itself will serve as a unique testament to what it was like to live through these trying times.

Below are some of the wonderful videos submitted to Jukin Media that highlight different aspects of living through a pandemic.

1. Guy Makes Customized Face Mask That Covers his Entire Beard

Some of the people who have had the most difficulty with masks are those with beards. The smaller masks sold in stores are not big enough to even cover a mid-length beard, especially not a longer one. The man in this video shows some incredible ingenuity.

In the beginning of the video, he demonstrates the problem. The mask he puts on leaves much of his beard hanging out, which does not protect him. However, he then puts on a customized mask with the length necessary to cover the beard. Honestly, it’s surprising we haven’t seen more masks like this around.

2. Guy Fools People by Wearing Realistic-Looking Face Mask at the Mall

The man in this video is a true trickster. He goes to what is presumably a mall to troll people with a mask that looks just like his face, except with a surgical mask pulled down below his nose. When the sales associate asks him to put his mask on, he begins to argue with her before showing her that the mask is actually a trick and he has been wearing it the whole time. Her reaction of disbelief is hilarious.

3. Swan Snaps at Woman’s Face Mask and pulls it Over her Mouth

People apparently aren’t the only creatures to get upset when masks are not worn properly. In this video, a woman gets up close and personal with a swan. While she has a mask on, it is pulled down below her chin. The swan snaps at her, but ends up doing her a favor. Rather than hurt her, the swan simply grabs the mask and pulls it up on her face as she screams in disbelief and terror at what she thought the bird was going to do.

4. Man Lights a Cigarette While Wearing Face Mask

People have become very creative given the constraints of the pandemic. In this video, a man with all the proper precautions, including gloves and a mask, is gambling at a casino. When he wants a cigarette, he shows how he can smoke without even removing his mask, with the cigarette hanging out from the side, he lights it and proceeds to smoke. Hopefully this guy does not end up lighting his mask on fire one of these times!

5. Man Sews Safety Mask for Protection Against Coronavirus Pandemic

This video shows how easy it is to protect yourself and everyone around you during the pandemic. He sews a fabric mask using a sewing machine in a little over a minute. While it is clear that the man has had a lot of practice, it also shows just how easy it is to put together a mask. Some experienced sewers may even be able to use the video as a tutorial to learn how to make their own masks.

6. Man Goes Grocery Shopping Wearing Diving Gear Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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