6 of the Best Accessories for Capturing Quality Video on a Smartphone

Many of the most recognizable videos ever released were recorded using nothing more than a smartphone. Modern phones have extraordinary cameras capable of taking video that looks professional.

You can further improve the quality of smartphone videos by investing in some accessories. While these accessories are not absolutely necessary for creating a viral video, using them can give videos a unique edge and make them appear as if they were taken by a professional.

Some accessories that you may want to consider buying if you record with your smartphone include:

1. Lenses

The built-in camera on most smartphones is extremely good, but its ability to take great video is limited by the tiny lens that is necessary to make it work on a phone. With a larger lens, individuals can capture more detail and expand the capabilities of the camera. These lenses are especially good for video, since they reduce graininess.

Several companies create smartphone lenses suitable for a variety of budgets and needs. One such company is Moment, which engineers phone cases for specific Samsung, Apple, Google, and OnePlus phones that then fit the lenses. Aukey is a company that sells clip-on lenses, which are a bit less expensive. You should ideally look at film captured through the lenses you want prior to purchase to make sure you are getting the desired effect.

2. Microphones

For many videos, good audio is crucial. Unfortunately, the microphones built into smartphones are not always effective. This is because they need to be close to the subject, which is not always possible. Furthermore, the built-in microphone can pick up a lot of background noise, which is distracting for viewers.

A variety of microphones are available for smartphones, some of which are quite cumbersome. To capture clear audio, you do not need these extravagant microphones. Some of the smaller options are just as good and much easier to transport. Plus, the smaller ones can often operate without an external power source. Microphones plug right into the phone like a pair of headphones.

3. Tripod

One of the most important pieces of equipment for an amateur videographer is a tripod. Sometimes, it is possible to set the phone on a flat surface to record, but this is not always a given, especially when shooting outside. Holding the phone can result in shaky footage that people will not likely take the time to watch.

A better option is using a tripod. A range of great tripods are available for smartphones. Some of the best options feature bendable legs that allow them to be used in virtually any environment. These legs can be curled around branches, fence posts, and other objects. Plus, the legs can be adjusted for stability on many types of surfaces.

4. Battery

While a portable battery is not necessarily an accessory specifically for shooting great video, it is essential. Even new smartphones will burn through battery power quickly while shooting video. You can find yourself in a tricky situation if you are not prepared, especially if you do not have access to a power source when filming.

To make sure that the phone doesn’t die, you may want to invest in a portable battery. This can be used to give the device a needed boost once it starts to run low on power. Not long ago, these external batteries were bulky and inconvenient. However, many companies now make slim ones that are easy to transport and can provide multiple charges to the phone.

5. Lighting

A key to achieving great video is getting the lighting right. Virtually all smartphones struggle to get good video in low-light settings. If the video appears grainy, it may not get a lot of attention once posted online. An easy way to fix this is investing in an external light source for the phone, especially since the built-in light can be delete too harsh.

External light sources are inexpensive and easily clip to either the front or back of the device depending on which camera you are using. Before making a purchase, you should read some reviews at the very least. Ideally, you would even try out the product to make sure that it provides a light source that looks more natural than the native flashlight on the phone.

6. Filters

Lenses are a great way to expand the capabilities of your smartphone camera, but you can push it even further with specific filters. Moment, which makes specialized lenses, also makes filters that screw right on to the camera using the company’s cases.

The filter that comes with the kit is a polarizer, which makes it possible to record without capturing any reflections. This tool is great for shooting through windows or dealing with reflective surfaces like glass or water.

Another great use for the polarizing lens is filming people wearing glasses without it capturing the person behind the camera in the reflection. A variety of other filters from several reputable companies are available depending on specific needs.

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