6 of the Most Adorable Dog Videos You Will Keep Watching on Repeat

Everyone loves a story with a dog, man’s best friend and faithful companion. However, dogs are not always a constant source of enjoyment for their owners. They are known for pulling some wacky stunts and engaging in truly outrageous behavior.

Luckily, some owners are smart enough to capture these moments on film, which lets us enjoy them again and again. Videos with dogs make us laugh, warm our hearts, and simply give us a brief respite from the stress of the day.

Below are some of the great dog videos available through Jukin Media and definitely ones that you will want to watch on repeat! We hope that they make you smile.

1. Dog Jumps around Excitedly When Owner Asks If She Wants to Eat

In this video, the owner of an adorable black lab gets teased by its owner, who asks about doing some truly crazy things. The dog simply looks back in confusion until the owner asks about eating. At that point, the dog definitely knew what was said!

2. Dog Receives New Bed as Christmas Gift

Watch a cute little dog discover its own Christmas present, a new dog bed! The pup is very excited about the gift and instantly makes itself at home in the snuggly blankets, which creates a truly heartwarming scene you just have to see.

3. Huskies Play in Snow outside House

Few things are more endearing than animals playing in their natural environment. This video features a pack of huskies eagerly waiting to go outside. As soon as they make it out, they realize there is a ton of snow and plenty of excitement ensues. However, not all of the dogs are excited about the snow!

4. Dog Destroys Everything Coming Through Mail Slot

The dog in this video has a bone to pick with the local mailperson. The dog waits in the window until the mailperson arrives and then instantly attacks anything that comes through the mail slot. Again and again, the little pup tries to defend his home from the vicious mail intruders.

5. Dog Yells and Howls upon Seeing Front Door Closed

Dogs naturally want to go outside and play the day away. In this video, which is equally heartbreaking and hilarious, a pup witnesses the front door close and decides to let everyone know his dismay at not being allowed outside the house. The howling that ensues is truly tragic, but it is hard not to laugh.

6. Stubborn Dog Refuses to Get in the Shower

Many dogs don’t like bath time, but the pup in this video takes his hesitance to a new level. As the owner tries to get the dog in the shower, the pup stiffens up and does everything in his power not to pass through those doors and come face to face with the water on the other side.

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