6 Videos Featuring Great Pet Parents and Their Happy Animals

The bond that forms between pet parents and their animals can prove incredibly strong. The love between human and animal can run very deep and these six videos capture this relationship perfectly.

If you ever doubted whether humans were meant to keep pets, these six videos are a great example of how fulfilling animals can be in our lives, as well as how happy we can make these furry creatures.

1. Kitten Enjoys Licking Peanut Butter off Spoon While Man Holds Him in Lap

Maybe this kitten dad is instilling bad habits, but it is undeniable how much this cat loves peanut butter.

2. Pet Parent Holds Rabbit In Arms And Feeds Them

Rabbits aren’t the most popular pet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be as cute and cuddly as a cat or a dog.

3. Happy Dog Snuggles With Owners

Dogs just want to be part of the pack, and it is evident that this pup is very happy to be snuggling up to its humans.

4. Corgi Rides Small Waves On Surfboard With His Owner

Perhaps it’s dangerous to take your dog out surfing with you, but this little corgi looks like it had a great time out on the water.

5. Dog Sings Along One Specific Piano Song

We’re not sure whether the dog loves or hates this song. Regardless, it has become a great way for him to bond with his human.

6. Husky Eats Food by Playing Board Game With Owners

Who says mealtime can’t also be fun? This husky loves playing a board game with its humans for some reward kibble.

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