6 Videos Featuring Hilariously Charming Dogs Doing Silly Things

Pets remain the featured star of many viral videos. While pets of all different varieties get their time in the spotlight, dogs especially seem to carry a special place in our hearts, probably because they are so earnest and loving, while also being incredibly silly. These six videos are a great reminder of how hilariously charming dogs can be and why these creatures are such an important part of so many people’s lives.

1. Woman Falls After Dog Bites Her Slippers And Pulls It Around the Room

This pup just wants to play even though its human is trying to work. The dog doesn’t take no for an answer and instead grabs her slipper and starts to pull her around the room on her wheeled computer chair.

2. Dog Opens Woman’s Mask When She Asks His Opinion on Coronavirus


As a woman mock interviews her dog and asks about his opinion on the pandemic, the pup gives a very simple answer. He grabs her mask and pulls it gently down off her face. He probably just wants kisses to be fair!

3. Dog With Visual Impairment Faces Wrong Direction While Watching Television

This poor pup just wants to be part of the pack. As the family sits and watches a movie, the dog joins in on the couch. However, the visually impaired pooch ends up facing the wrong way.

4. Dog Slides Across Slippery Wooden Deck and Falls off Through the Handrail

Dogs easily get over excited, which is exactly what happens in this video. As the pup jumps up onto the deck, it starts to slide and ends up going under the handrail and off the deck entirely!

5. Owner Chases Dog After They Steal Her Paper Bag and Run in Yard

This is another pup who just wants to play as its human tries to work. As she begins to bag some leaves, the pup grabs the large paper vessel and proceeds to let her chase it all around the yard. We wonder if she ever got it back!

6. Dog Runs Towards Pool and Jumps Into Water

Another overly excited pup comes running from far away and launches itself into the air to land into an above-ground pool and start playing in the water. The best part is the human singing a fun theme song for the dog in the background.

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