With tools like GoPro cameras, many people have captured incredible athletic feats. However, you can also capture incredible sports footage with something as simple as a smartphone camera. One of the sports that has gotten a lot of attention in the realm of viral videos is skateboarding. This is because skateboarding videos can leave us breathless in awe of some peoples’ talent, or just holding our breath at some of the heart-stopping fail videos available online. Jukin Media receives many video submissions featuring skateboarders. Below are a few of the best for you to check out:

1. Dog And Pet…

The bond that forms between pet parents and their animals can prove incredibly strong. The love between human and animal can run very deep and these six videos capture this relationship perfectly.

If you ever doubted whether humans were meant to keep pets, these six videos are a great example of how fulfilling animals can be in our lives, as well as how happy we can make these furry creatures.

1. Kitten Enjoys Licking Peanut Butter off Spoon While Man Holds Him in Lap

Maybe this kitten dad is instilling bad habits, but it is undeniable how much this…

Pets remain the featured star of many viral videos. While pets of all different varieties get their time in the spotlight, dogs especially seem to carry a special place in our hearts, probably because they are so earnest and loving, while also being incredibly silly. These six videos are a great reminder of how hilariously charming dogs can be and why these creatures are such an important part of so many people’s lives.

1. Woman Falls After Dog Bites Her Slippers And Pulls It Around the Room

This pup just wants to play even though its human is trying…

There’s a reason why people often say, “It was a like a car crash — I couldn’t look away!” There’s just something that keeps your eyes glued to the scene, whether it’s fear, concern, or even the comedy of the situation, depending on the circumstances.

Below are some of the Jukin Media crash videos you’ve got to see. Of course, this type of content comes with a trigger warning, but we promise that none of these videos show anyone getting seriously hurt!

1. Man Flips off Jet Ski After Crashing into Barrier

Crashes can happen even out on the…

Jukin Media receives lots of viral video submissions each week. Some of the most popular videos feature pets and wild animals, from cats and dogs to bees and otters and everything in between.

There’s only one type of viral video that’s possibly better than animal videos: baby animal videos!

Below are some of the cutest, funniest, and most charming videos submitted to Jukin Media featuring baby animals.

1. Baby Turtle Relaxes and Enjoys While Receiving Shell Scrub

Even turtles need to get cleaned up every once and a while. Enjoy watching this baby turtle unwind with a gentle shell…

When you think of viral videos, the first to jump to mind may be funny videos. However, content can go viral not just for being funny, but for connecting us to basic human emotions. Viral videos can be adorable or even uplifting. The following are a handful of videos submitted to Jukin Media that demonstrate the basic goodness of humanity and are guaranteed to fill you with a feeling of joy.

  1. Delivery Man Shovels Snow From Customer’s Walkway

The job of a package courier is already hard enough. Despite that, the person in this video does much more than…

If you have a pet, you probably know that animals are much smarter than we humans give them credit for. It’s fascinating what some pets can do!

Here are just a few recent Jukin Media videos featuring intriguingly intelligent pets.

1. Young Dog Relays Toy to Older Sibling to Involve Her While Playing Fetch

Fetch is a simple game, but this dog goes beyond that. The pup gets its older sibling in on the game. Not only is this pretty smart, it’s also really sweet.

2. Cat Headbutts Owner’s Arm Demanding to Be Pet

Have you ever wondered…

With the weather finally breaking, everyone’s excited to see the sun and start looking forward to warmer days ahead.

Let’s celebrate the end of winter by taking a look back at some of the best winter videos submitted to Jukin Media recently. So long, ice and snow — don’t hurry back!

1. Girl Falls in Icy Cold Water as She Prods Frozen Pool with Shovel

We aren’t sure why the woman in this video chose to poke at a frozen pool with a shovel, but we’re positive she regretted that decision after she fell into the frigid water.


Images of viral videos courtesy Jukin Media, Night Media)

Some of the most famous online videos in Internet history — including a dismissive Millennial saying “OK Boomer,” an addled post-dentist tween, and that New York rat dragging a slice of pizza down subway stairs — are headed to blockchain-backed collectible status.

Long-time viral video distributor Jukin Media has partnered with influencer management agency Night Media to launch Views, a service designed to help creators make and auction off NFTs based on their new and library content.

Views will auction videos that have been “minted,” or embedded, with non-fungible tokens that…

Jukin Media accepts videos featuring everything from adorable moments with kids to silly shenanigans with pets. If you have a video you think could go viral, submit it to Jukin Media — you may be able to start making money off it.

As an example of the wide range of videos accepted by Jukin Media, check out five of the best submitted recently:

1. Woman Asks Her Donkey to Yell and the Animal Response Back

A donkey is a strange pet and most people wouldn’t expect them to be very interactive. However, this donkey is excited to hear its…

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