Check Out These 5 Adorable Videos Featuring Baby Animals

Jukin Media receives lots of viral video submissions each week. Some of the most popular videos feature pets and wild animals, from cats and dogs to bees and otters and everything in between.

There’s only one type of viral video that’s possibly better than animal videos: baby animal videos!

Below are some of the cutest, funniest, and most charming videos submitted to Jukin Media featuring baby animals.

1. Baby Turtle Relaxes and Enjoys While Receiving Shell Scrub

Even turtles need to get cleaned up every once and a while. Enjoy watching this baby turtle unwind with a gentle shell scrub. It seems to really like the attention!

2. Artist Paints Toddler Daughter and Friendly Baby Kangaroo on Water Tank in Their Farm

This video features not just a baby kangaroo, but a human baby, too! A talented artist forever captures the playful relationship between the two by painting their portrait on a cement water tank.

3. Silly Kitten Spins Rapidly And Tries To Catch Own Tail

Who can resist a tiny kitten? This little buddy goes to town trying to catch its own tail. Maybe you’ve seen this before, but wait until the end when the kitten stumbles and tries to regain balance.

4. Guy Finds Baby Bats Under His Window

People are often afraid of bats, but even baby bats are cute. The man in this video finds a pack of baby bats under the ledge of his window. Watch as the fuzzy creatures test out their tiny wings.

5. Excited Baby Elephant Plays With Guy While Trying to Climb on Him

Even baby elephants are pretty big. Unfortunately, they do not quite know their size. In this video, a baby elephant enthusiastically tries to get its human friend to play.

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