Check Out These 6 Heartwarming Videos Featuring Furry Feline Friends

Some of the best stories ever told involve our pets. Dogs may be man’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean cat owners love their furry companions any less.

Jukin Media gets hundreds of video submissions every month featuring cats — here’s a look at some of the recent videos that made the cut. These videos are sure to make you smile, laugh, and appreciate the furry feline in your life.

Cat Sits On Bathroom Countertop And Gnaws At Pet Parent’s Toothbrush

Cats can certainly have a naughty streak, and the one in this video is no exception. This cat found something fun to gnaw on in its owner’s bathroom. Looks like someone will need a new toothbrush!

Person Risks Stopping at Expressway Tunnel to Rescue Cat Lying Balled Up by the Road

The cat in this video is certainly in trouble, huddled on the side of the road in a tunnel with busy traffic. The hero in the video pulled to the shoulder and walked past speeding cars inches away to rescue the cat before something tragic happened.

Cat Jumps Inside Wet Bathtub and Slips While Rushing Back Out

Cats are nimble on their feet…most of the time. This kitty doesn’t exactly make a graceful exit from a wet bathtub. The best part is the look of anger in the cat’s eyes — clearly, it blames its owner for all the trouble.

Guy And His Cat Look At Each Other While Wearing Similar Sunglasses

People often start to look like their pets over time, and this video is the perfect example. This cat and its owner are definitely meant for each other.

Cat Relaxes On Newborn Baby’s Electronic Cradle

Cats have a reputation for being lazy, and this video could easily be one of the best examples. This sleepy cat is probably having the best snooze of its life in an electronic baby cradle.

Cat Gets Curious After Seeing Raccoon Through Glass Door

This curious kitten seems to have met a new friend — only it’s a raccoon, not another cat. Good thing there’s a pane of glass separating them!

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