Jukin Media — Supporting Amateur Video Creators Worldwide

Jukin Media represents more than 50,000 independent video content creators, helping them place their amateur videos in movies, TV, and advertising. The company offers a wealth of inspiring, engaging, funny, and heart-tugging footage to media producers through affordable licensing agreements that start at only $49. Jukin Media’s creators are users all over the world, and their authentic content can move an audience far more than standard stock footage.

Jukin Media is a decade-old company that believes user-generated videos have real value in the world of entertainment and information. The company got its start licensing user-generated YouTube content, boosting the reach of amateur content creators and helping them earn an income through a variety of commercial uses.

A leader in its field, Jukin brings a depth of experience and knowledge to the task of helping amateur content creators generate superior revenue streams. Thanks to the Jukin team’s expertise, tens of thousands of amateur-made videos have found their way into advertising, on television broadcasts, and in social media and other online platforms.

The company’s licensing website makes it easy for producers in search of high-quality, authentic content to find the perfect video for any project. New content is added daily. In addition, Jukin pushes video content out so that it’s front-and-center for some of the world’s most popular news and syndication services, including the Associated Press and Reuters, offering yet additional opportunities for creators to generate revenue.

Jukin’s assistance to amateur video content creators doesn’t stop there. The company’s services include tracking down pirated uses of user-generated videos on YouTube and throughout the internet and either blocking that usage or obtaining appropriate financial compensation.

In addition, Jukin Media is unique in producing its own long-form content, using only footage from its library of user-generated videos and paying the content owners whenever it uses their work in a production: examples include FailArmy the TV show, World’s Funniest, and others.

Jukin Media is one of the largest licensers of viral videos and represents more than 50,000 independent video creators.