Relieve Some of the Tension in Your Day with These 5 Great Fail Videos

Everyone loves a good fail video — a video that shows someone with good intentions getting the short end of the stick. Jukin Media features a number of hilarious fail videos submitted by everyday users. Many of them are captured with nothing more than a smartphone, which means you can potentially capture a similarly amazing moment on video and earn some money off of it. Below are some of the best recently submitted fail videos and ones that are sure to brighten your day.

Men Setting Off Fireworks Illegally On Street Get Caught By Passing Police Vehicle

The man in this video is a victim of plain old bad timing. He lights fireworks…only to see the police pull up. His response? Attempt to walk away and pretend they’re not his. You’ve got to admire the casual bravado.

Drunk Guy Faceplants Into Food While Attempting to Climb Counter

We’re not sure why the man in this video is climbing on top of a kitchen counter, but it’s pretty clear he’s had too much to drink. He makes a heroic attempt at climbing up and almost somersaults over it…but ends up a bit short and a lot messier. Nice try!

Man Puts On Earphones But Forgets To Plug Cord Into Phone

He’s on the train, minding his own business and listening to music with his headphones. Then he realizes his friends are snapping along to the beat of his music — because he forgot to plug the headphones into his phone and everyone can hear it. We’ve all been there!

Girl Accidentally Gets Her Mouth Stuck To Wine Glass

We’re not sure why someone would sit in a parked car and stick an empty wine glass on their face — but hey, a lot of us are bored at home these days. The best part is her friend cracking up at her panic when she realizes the glass is stuck to her mouth and chin.

Dancing Guy Falls On His Face After Turning To Save Falling Christmas Tree

You know this guy thought he was going to make an awesome Christmas-themed dance video in front of his tree. However, he goes too hard and falls on his face as the Christmas tree behind him starts to fall. Moral of the story: always make sure your decorations are secure before busting out your dance moves.

Girl Falls Off Wall After Being Duct Taped To It

The isolation of social distancing makes us do weird things. In this video, a young woman is duct taped to the wall. For a few seconds, it looks like the tape might actually hold her — until she comes crashing to the floor.

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