Say Goodbye to Winter with These 6 Funny Jukin Media Videos

With the weather finally breaking, everyone’s excited to see the sun and start looking forward to warmer days ahead.

Let’s celebrate the end of winter by taking a look back at some of the best winter videos submitted to Jukin Media recently. So long, ice and snow — don’t hurry back!

1. Girl Falls in Icy Cold Water as She Prods Frozen Pool with Shovel

We aren’t sure why the woman in this video chose to poke at a frozen pool with a shovel, but we’re positive she regretted that decision after she fell into the frigid water.

2. Corgi Puppies March On Snowy Forest Path In Single Line

Here it is, your moment of Zen: a line of adorable corgis scurrying single-file through a silent, snow-covered forest.

3. Dog Slides Downhill At Ski Area

Have you ever looked at the slopes in a ski area and thought how much fun it would be to just slide down the mountain? Then you and this playful dog have something in common!

4. Shovel Head Breaks As Man Tries To Remove Snow From His Doorstep

Sometimes the universe sends you a sign. We think the universe was telling this man to just stay inside and relax.

5. Woman Struggles to Climb up Icy Slope and Slips Downhill

Ice can turn a winter hike into a skating session. Make sure you bring cleats or you could end up sliding all the way down!

6. Person Tosses Hot Water in the Air Which Instantly Freezes Due to Extreme Cold

One of the coolest tricks you can do in the winter is tossing hot water into extremely cold air. Check out what happens when you do.

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