These Are 6 of the Videos Most Recently Submitted to Jukin Media You Need to See

Every day, Jukin Media accepts funny, uplifting, inspiring, and beautiful videos taken by anyone, often using nothing more than a smartphone. These videos are a great chance for the owners to make some money, as Jukin Media actively offers licensing of these pieces for a wide range of reasons.

The company is open to any type of video provided that it invokes a strong emotional reaction. To get a sense of the types of videos the company looks for, below are some of the most recent submissions. While all the videos have radically different subject matter, they are all touching in a way that reminds us what it is to be human.

1. People Rescue Two Deers Entangled To Each Other’s Antlers

The circumstances leading up to this video are not quite clear, but it starts with two full-grown deer that have somehow tangled their antlers together. As soon as the man in the video disentangles them, one of the deer runs off across the ice.

However, the second needs a bit more help as it tries to get back on its feet. It unfortunately gets discouraged by the slippery surface and strange onlookers. Still, it is anxiety-provoking to think what might have happened without a rescue.

2. Kid Tries to Eat Crackers While Wearing Superhero Mask on His Face

We all have our favorite foods that we just can’t wait to get in our mouths. For the kid in this video, one of those favorite foods is definitely crackers. Sadly, the boy has a Spiderman mask on that he doesn’t bother to take off before he starts shoving the crackers into his mouth. The resulting mess is quite hilarious, especially since he seems completely unphased by the entire experience!

3. Duck Tries to Swim on Frozen Water Inside Tub

Winter can be miserable for everyone, including animals. In this hilarious video, a pair of ducks approach a tub that they know is full of water. One of the ducks fully launches into the tub in an attempt to bathe only to find that it is completely frozen. As he hits the ice, he seems confused. The angry quacks that ensue are sure to strike a chord with anyone who has mistakenly slipped on ice before!

4. Great White Shark Tries to Bite Boat’s Engine in Tampa Bay

This truly terrifying video is not for the faint of heart. Surely, when the people in this video started fishing in Tampa Bay, the last thing they expected to see was a Great White shark. The creature comes right up to the boat and even tries to take a chunk out of the engine before deciding to leave the boat alone. The best part of the video is the exclamations of disbelief from the people looking on in awe.

5. Dad Holding His Newborn Baby Starts Crying

Probably one of the most heartfelt videos you will see all day, this piece features a young father holding his baby for what is likely the first time. The young man is video calling someone on his phone to show that person the baby and absolutely loses it as the reality of the situation sets in on him. He starts sobbing tears of happiness as he continues to hold his child. You can almost see his outlook on life change.

6. Woman Falls to the Ground Trying to Spin Kick Arcade Punch Bag Game

Virtually no one can resist a good video of a fail, and this one will go down in the record books. The video starts by focusing on an arcade game with a punch bag. The next thing you know, a young woman comes charging in to spin kick the bag rather than punch it. What could have been a moment of glory suddenly shifts as she overcompensates and ends up falling to the ground. We hope that she is alright!

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