5 Adorable Videos Featuring Toddlers That You Need to See

Few things in life are more heartwarming than connecting with toddlers and watching them attempt to figure out their place in the world. Toddlers are a great source of fail content, not to mention truly adorable videos. Of all the age ranges of developing children, toddlers tend to get into the most trouble as they try to figure out how their legs work, learn to become more mobile, develop language skills, and express their needs and desires through trial and error. Here are some of the most uplifting and hilarious videos of toddlers recently submitted to Jukin Media:

  1. Toddler Falls Asleep While Riding in His Remote Control Car

The life of a toddler is not easy. This truth is perhaps best represented in this video, which features an exhausted toddler passed out in a remote-control car. While driving around in the car is surely extremely exciting, this child succumbs to sleepiness and gets driven around while using the side door as a sort of pillow. The toddler was probably pretty upset after waking up and realizing that he was in a bed rather than in the car.

2. Toddler Freezes Awkwardly When Dad Throws Cheese Slice at Her Face

A toddler’s job involves learning how to navigate the larger world. In general, toddlers begin to learn patterns and can become easily confused when experiences depart from these rules. In this video, the toddler is not sure how to react when her father tosses a slice of cheese at her face. The slice lands perfectly across the right side of her face, and she simply freezes as she tries to figure out what is going on.

3. Toddler Instantly Rips off Baby Proof Plate With Ease

Creating a safe environment is one of the biggest challenges that parents with toddlers face. In this video, a well-meaning father is testing out a baby-proof plate with three suction cups that help hold it securely in place. When the father decides to test it out on his own child, the toddler rips the entire plate up in a matter of a few seconds. The video is a testament to the challenges of parenthood, as well as the ingenuity of toddlers.

4. Dad Makes Toddler Son Dance by Moving His Hands

In order to maintain their sanity, parents sometimes need to have fun at the expense of their toddlers. In this video, a father sits behind his child and grabs his hands to make him dance to the song. The best part of this video is the completely disinterested face of the toddler throughout the entire process, although the enthusiasm of a sibling dancing to the same music is a close second.

5. Toddler Lies on Floor Holding Shopping Cart Enjoying a Slide Ride as Dad Pushes It Through Aisle

Walking is exhausting, particularly when you are learning how to do it for the first time. This video features an exhausted toddler following along with a shopping cart. Eventually, the toddler decides that they have had enough and simply grabs onto the cart and gets slid across the floor in the store. We can all empathize with this youngster to some extent when we are just too tired to keep going on our own.

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